6 Popular Turkish Clothing Brands

Textiles and clothing industry makes 10% of the Turkish GDP. Clothing especially is employing almost 750.000 people in Turkey. Turkey also has a great fashion style and Turkish people are always updated with new trends and fashion. A walk in the Istiklal street or Kemeraltı will make you see more brands than anywhere in the world. Lİke the famous clothes designer Edith Head says, “You can have anything in life if you dress for it”. This is like a motto for the Turks.

Turkey becomes very versatile when it comes to choosing material too. Lots of raw material is made in Turkey. Turkey has large cotton fields, very big leather production and a massive wool production.

I picked some of the most popular Turkish clothing brands for you. You can always contact me to learn more, to book tours around Turkey and to ask your questions. See you soon, Hasan Gülday.

List of 6 Popular Turkish Clothing Brands

Ipekyol: For the Modern Working Woman

Ipekyol’s roots go back to 1989. There are about 150 stores of Ipekyol around Turkey. Ipekyol is the most popular brand of my wife’s.


DeFacto: A brand for the whole Family

DeFacto has about 400 stores around Turkey and more than 150 stores around the globe. DeFacto has medium quality products at affordable prices. It is the favorite brand of the working class in Turkey.


LC Waikiki: A Turkish brand wiht global recognition

LC Waikiki started it’s life at France in 1988. It was 1997 when the brand was sold to the Turkish owners. LC Waikiki want to be a leader in clothing industry in 2023. Today LC Waikiki has more than a thousand stores in 35 countries.


Mavi Jeans: Levi’s of Turkey

Mavi has it’s roots in Turkey going back to the 80s. Today Mavi Jeans has stores mostly in the western countries. Lately Mavi became the favorite jeans brand of Kate Winslet and Chelsea Clinton.

Desa: Anything related to leather

Desa started as a humble leather woman handbag producer in Turkey. Today Desa has stores in more than 10 countries selling leather jackets, leather coat, fur coat, suede jacket, leather skirts.


Kotton: Turkey’s leading fashion supplier

Kotton is my brand of choice in Turkey. It offers good quality clothing for men, women, and children. The brand dates back to 1988 and today Kotton can be found in 30 countries around the world.


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