Places of Interest in Aydin, Turkey

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The city of Aydın has the fame to fascinate everyone with its historical buildings and natural beauties. There are many places to see in Aydin. It is a city that you must visit when you go to the Aegean Tour also known as the West Coast tour in Turkey. I have compiled the most important places in Aydin in an article. I hope you will be satisfied. If you have questions or something you want to add, you can write to me. You can hire a professional licensed Turkish tour guide by contacting me. See you soon, Hasan Gülday.

Aphrodisias Tetrapylon
Aphrodisias Tetrapylon

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Aphrodisias Ancient City

It is located in the Karacasu district. It is one of the most important cities in the ancient cities in Turkey. Aphrodisias was founded at the end of the 1st century BC. The places to visit in the ancient city are as follows:
The theater was built in the form of two sections has a capacity of 7 thousand spectators. The theater was built during the Roman Period. Aphrodite Temple, one of the most important buildings of the ancient city. Hadrian Bath and Aphrodisias stadium are significant buildings of Aphrodisias ancient city in Aydın, Turkey.

A Red Deer in Dilek Peninsula

Dilek Peninsula

Dilek Peninsula, located within the borders of Kuşadası district, is one of the must-see places with its magnificent beaches, green nature and national park in Aydin. Dilek Peninsula creates both historical and natural beauty with its historical ruins.

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Miletus Museum

It is located near the Balat Village of the Didim district of Aydin. The historical artifacts obtained as a result of archaeological studies in the Ancient City of Miletus are exhibited. Therefore, the museum got its name from the ancient city of Miletus. Apart from that, historical artifacts obtained from Didyma Ancient City are also exhibited in Miletus Museum. There is the spectacular lion gallery in Miletus Museum and there are approximately 30 works in this gallery.

Guvercinada Castle next to Kusadasi Port

Guvercinada Castle

Having been home to many bird species, especially pigeons in the past, Güvercin island is one of the must-see places with its natural scenery. There is a historical castle dating back to the Byzantine Period on Güvercin Island.

Zeus Cave in Kusadasi

Zeus Cave

It is located at the entrance of the Dilek Peninsula in the district of Kuşadası. It has an important mythological background. There is a giant natural pool in the Cave of Zeus. The cool waters inside the Zeus Cave pool are formed by the mixing of freshwater and saltwater coming from natural springs.

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Priene Ancient City

The ancient city, located on a steep rock, was founded in the seventh century before Christ. There is a huge temple built in the name of the goddess Athena in the Ancient City of Priene. Temple was built on the highest and the dominant hill of the city is the most remarkable structure of the ancient city.

Altinkum Beach Didim

Altinkum Beach

Altın Kum Beach, located is 2 kilometers away from the town center of Didim, is a blue flag awarded beach. Altınkum Beach is 500 meters long and accessed easily. Altınkum Beach, which has an immaculate sea and golden yellow sand, is one of the favorite places of holidaymakers.

Nysa Ancient City

Nysa Ancient City, a large city of 40 thousand people, is the most important city of the Caria region in ancient times.

Ancient City of Magnesia

Magnesia Ancient City was habited by various nations. Today, one of the biggest stadiums of the ancient world is in Magnesia and the stadium is still standing.

Alinda Ruins

Ancient City of Alinda

Alinda Ancient City, located on the border of Karpuzlu district of Aydın province was established in 340 BC.

Ephesus Celsus Library

Ephesus Ancient City

Ephesus is maybe the most visited ancient city in Turkey. It attracts millions of people every year with places of interest such as Celsus Library, the Grand Theater of Ephesus, House of Virgin Mary, Hadrian Temple in Ephesus and many more.

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Smyrna Agora

Agora of Smyrna located in the hearth of Izmir city is a perfect example of Greco / Roman business centers of the past. Agora is a must-see in tours including Izmir.

Didyma Apollo Temple

Didyma Apollo Temple

Temple of Apollo in Didim, Turkey today used to be the religious center of the ancient Miletus city. Apollo Temple used to attract believers to learn a glimpse of their future. Today the temple is one of the best-preserved ruins in Turkey.

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