Famous Trojan Horse in Troy

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The famous Achaean commander Odysseus made plans for 9 years and failed to capture the city of Troy. At a time when all hope was coming to an end, Odysseus offered an idea which would be considered genius and placed him as a well known figure in history.

Famous Trojan Horse in Troy
Famous Trojan Horse in Troy

Odysseus’ plan was simple. The Achaean armies will pretend to give up in front of the Trojans. But as they retreat, they will leave a huge wooden horse monument infront of the city walls which looks like a gift and a sign of respect. There will be a secret army of elite Greek soldiers under the command of Odysseus inside the giant horse. The remaining soldiers will pretend to have lost the war and hide behind Tenedos island which is Bozcada today.

Trojan Horse Made for the 2004 Movie, Troy

When the Trojan soldiers saw the horse, they did not understand what happened. The Achaean soldier explained that the Trojan horse was made in the name of the goddess Athena and the reason it was made big was that it could never enter the city of Troy. In the continuation of his speech, the soldier added that they consider this statue sacred and that if damage comes to the statue, their own people of Troy will disappear.

Suffered by these words, the Trojan army took the sacred horse inside the city walls and celebrated their victory with a drunken feast. Seeing that the Trojan army has dead drunk, Commander Odysseus immediately went out of the horse and opened city gates easily letting Greek army inside Troy. A great defeat was waiting for the Trojan army. Greek Achaeans slaughtered the Trojan people, burned the city and took Helen back to their land.

Book Tour Guide to See the Famous Trojan Horse in Troy

I love to visit the massive wooden horse made in the 1970s and exhibited on the entrance of Troy ancient city in Turkey today. This Trojan horse might not be the best iteration of the original horse but still gives you chance to have memorable photos. Contact me to learn more on Trojan Horse and to hire a licensed professional Turkish tour guide to visit Troy Ancient City in Turkey. See you soon, Hasan Gülday.

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Hasan Gülday. Professional licensed tour guide working in Turkey.

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