Callinus of Ephesus

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Callinus is a poet from Ephesus, who lived in the seventh century BC. We don’t know much about his life. As we know, Callinus witnessed the attack of Cimmerians on Western Anatolia and glorified patriotism and encouraged young people to go to war against the enemy Cimmerian forces. He prayed to Zeus to save Ephesus from the enemy in most of his poems. He wrote poems not just about war, but also about history and mythology.

Great Artemis Statue with an Eroded Nose in Ephesus Archeological Museum
Great Artemis Statue with an Eroded Nose in Ephesus Archeological Museum

He wrote war poems and historical and mythological poems. In his poems, young people; It encourages dormitories, children, and wives to fight for the sake of the sake. Kallinos reaches an effect away from the rhetoric with the language and style of Homer, that is, in the tradition of heroism. There are only a few fragments of his works. The most important of these is the trailer of a poem written to encourage young people to war.

It is honorable and splendid for a man to fight for his country and children and wedded wife against enemies, but death will come whenever the Moirai so spin.

Callinus of Ephesus

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