Important Corona Update from Turkey

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Update – As of today (February 6th 2023) 37.185* people in Turkey was diagnosed with corona disease. Less than 100 people had corona related deaths thanks to massive and effective vaccination efforts of Turkey. Turkish touristic areas and whole Turkey remains in the safe to visit list of World Health Organization.

Turkey's Current Corona Map
Turkey’s Current Corona Map

Update – Important Corona Update from Turkey was declared by the Ministry of Health on the 26th of April. Starting from today obligatory mask-wearing is no longer needed in Turkey. You can visit all open-air public areas without a mask! Mask will be required only in health institutions and public transport. This great news made it easier and more comfortable for anyone to have a tour in Turkey.

Important Corona Update from Turkey

Quick headlines about the COVID-19 situation in Turkey

  • The rate of the people who had two doses of vaccine is % 85,69.
  • A total of 152.681.620 doses of the COVID vaccine were applied.
  • HES (Turkey’s very own tracking code for corona patients) code is not required at the entrance of public areas anymore but is still needed in transport.
  • The average daily loss dropped to 11 people in Turkey.
  • PCR and rapid tests are still available at the airport and also at the hospitals. You can still apply before you fly back to a negative test requiring destination.

Hasan Gülday

Hasan Gülday. Professional licensed tour guide working in Turkey.

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