Battle of Ephesus in 1147

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The Battle of Ephesus in 1147 took place in between the crusader army assembled by the Kingdom of France leaded by Louis VII of France and Sultanate of Rum or better to be known as Western Seljukian Sultanate.

Battle of Ephesus in 1147
Battle of Ephesus in 1147

The Crusader armies of Louis VII were marching on the west coast of Asia Minor. Their ambition was to take the coast to the major city of Antalya which is located on the south coast of Anatolia.

The Plan of the Second Crusade

A lightning attack organized by Turks of the Seljukian Sultanate took place on the 24th of December 1147 while crusader armies were resting nearby Ephesus. The Attack were fended by the French soldiers and crusaders went on marching to Antalya. The strangest fact about this battle is Turkish soldiers were supported by the local Greek population since local Greeks who were Orthodox Christians had vendetta with the Catholic French army.

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