Tulip Season and Tulip Tours in Istanbul

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Tulips in Emirgan Woods
Tulips in Emirgan Woods

Don’t Skip the International Tulip Festival in Istanbul. Tulip fever of seventeen hundred originated from Istanbul and took over Europe. Famous festival started back then and it has been still going on for the last three hundred years. Tulip Festival is held every year in April. It takes place in more than 270 spots around the city. The most important exhibits are Emirgan Woods, Gülhane Park, and Goztepe Rose Garden. Parks are open from 07:00 to 22:30 and the entrance is free of charge. I recommend visits around early morning and weekdays if it possible. Hope to see you when the tulips bloom! Hasan Gülday.

Hasan Gülday

Hasan Gülday. Professional licensed tour guide working in Turkey.

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