Turkish Ice Cream

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Turkish Ice Cream Vendor
Turkish Ice Cream

Ice cream, one of the favorite desserts of the summer months, and is equally loved in all countries of the world. However, authentic Turkish ice cream which is also known as Maraş Ice Cream is unique and very different from ice cream made in other parts of the world. Turks add salep (sahlap) powder and aromatic resin to give a special flavor to the regular ice cream recipe. Another feature of ice cream is that it stretches like chewing gum. In addition to the different tastes and aromas created by the goat’s milk used in its production, another feature that makes Maraş Ice Cream different is the mastery and skill that must be exerted in its making. Therefore, be sure to try the taste of Turkish ice cream on your next visit to Turkey. Meanwhile, enjoy the skills of the masters who prepare the ice cream.

Turkish Ice Cream Tricks

Stretching nature of Turkish Ice Cream thanks to resin in it make easy to make some tricks. A Turkish ice cream vendor uses a long bar to pick the Turkish ice cream out of the bowl and makes tricks by preventing the buyer from catching the ice cream. I came across this amazing video won a GoPro award. Enjoy it.

Hasan Gülday

Hasan Gülday. Professional licensed tour guide working in Turkey.

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