Battle of Notium

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The Battle of Notium is also known as the Battle of Ephesus. This naval war took place in 406 BC. 90 Spartan ships clashed with 80 Athenian ships on the shores of Ephesus. The Spartans sailed to Ephesus originally with 70 ships and used the vast lumber resources of Ephesus to add more ships to their armada.

Battle of Notium or Battle of Ephesus
Battle of Notium or Battle of Ephesus

Alcibiades of Athens came to the shores of Ephesus with 80 ships and a clever plan. He wanted to lure the Spartans out of the bay of Ephesus with 10 ships of decoy fleet and then ambush them with the rest of his forces. The Spartans were fast to attack and sank the ship of Alcibiades killing him. The Athenian navy lost control with the fall of their commander and became easy targets for the Spartan navy. The Spartans captured 15 Athenian ships and sank 7 of them in the end of the day.

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