Recommended Books about Ephesus

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I have spent more than ten years studying and guiding around Ephesus Ancient City and the surrounding attractions. I have been trying to create a wide library which contains information on every subject can be demanded by my guests. Here I would like to share a list of best books written on Ephesus and surrounding attractions. This of recommended books about Ephesus will be updated regularly with more books that I add to my personal library.

Recommended Books about Ephesus 1
Recommended Books about Ephesus

Recommended Books about Ephesus

  • Ephesians Revisited: A Commentary on Paul’s Letter to the church at Ephesus by Frederick Widdowson
  • Mary and the Goddess of Ephesus: The Continued Life of the Mother of Jesus by Melanie Bacon
  • Arsinoe of Ephesus by Lorraine Blundell
  • Ephesus and the Temple of Diana by Edward Falkener
  • Ephesus: Its History and Religious Setting by Edgar M Stubbersfield
  • The Secrets of Ephesus by Izabela Miszczak
  • Heraclitus Of Ephesus: The Fragments Of The Work Of Heraclitus Of Ephesus On Nature And Heracliti Ephesii Reliquiae by G. T. W. Patrick, I. Bywater
  • Ephesus After Antiquity: A late antique, Byzantine and Turkish City Reissue Edition
    by Clive Foss
  • South from Ephesus Travels through Aegean Turkey by Brian Sewell
  • A Journey Through Ephesus by David Gwartney
  • Cats of Ephesos by Sabine Ladstatter
  • JOHN an Exile in Ephesus by Alexander Smith
  • Mary’s House: The Extraordinary Story Behind the Discovery of the House Where the Virgin Mary Lived and Died Paperback by Donald Carroll
  • The Life of Sr. Marie de Mandat-Grancey and Mary’s House in Ephesus by Rev. Fr. Carl G. Schulte, C.M.
  • St. Paul’s Ephesus: Texts and Archaeology by Jerome Murphy-O’Connor
  • Christian Origins in Ephesus and Asia Minor by Mark R Fairchild

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