10 Fascinating Facts About Ephesus

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10 Fascinating Facts About Ephesus
10 Fascinating Facts About EphesusEphesus Celsus Library
  1. Ephesus’ name comes from the word ‘Apis’, which means bee.
  2. There are two entrances of Ephesus known as the upper gate of Ephesus and the lower gate of Ephesus. Most of the travelers chose the upper gate since it is easier to walk downhill.
  3. Ephesus was one of the few cities in Anatolia hosting two Emperor temples. There were temples of Emperor Hadrian and Emperor Domitian in Ephesus.
  4. Ephesus stayed neutral against the Persian invaders thus Ephesus didn’t suffer from Persian destruction.
  5. Hercules gate standing on the beginning of the famous Curetes street of Ephesus shows the skin of the Nemean lion which was flayed by Hercules himself.
  6. The Council of Ephesus took place in the Double Church of Ephesus (also known as Virgin Mary’s Church in Ephesus) on the year 431.
  7. Ephesus was chosen as the capital of Asia Minor by Emperor Augustus in the year 27 BC.
  8. Ionian prince Androclos asked the guidance of oracles of Delphi, and he was told to build a city at the place where he finds a fish and a boar. Prince was camping at the spot where Ephesus stands today. While Androclos was frying ”fish” sparks started a fire and ”boars” jumped off the bushes. This is how Ephesus was built where it is today.
  9. Ephesus had four different aqueducts bringing water to the city.
  10. Ephesus was under Egyptian rule for six years after taken by the Seleucid king Antiochus the third in 196 BC.
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