Hermione of Ephesus

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Hermione of Ephesus was not born in ancient Ephesus city. We know this since she was known to arrive to Asia Minor then to Ephesus looking for Saint John the Evangelist. She was probably from middle eastern origin.

Hermione learned that Saint John was already passed away after arriving to Ephesus. She eventually became a disciple of Petronius who was a companion of Apostle Paul.

Hermione of Ephesus
Hermione of Ephesus

She started to live in Ephesus and performed several miracles on healing. Emperor Trajan stopped at Ephesus during his campaign against the Parthian Empire which resulted with the annexation of The Roman province of Mesopotamia and Roman Armenia. Emperor Trajan called Hermione of Ephesus and wanted her to deny Christianity. She refused to do so even after severe torturing.

Hermione built a hospice in Ephesus after Emperor Trajan left and went on healing people. When Emperor Hadrian of the Roman Empire heard of her talents, he called her to assist the Empire in the war. She refused his offer and wanted to convert into Christianity. This action of her resulted with the martyrdom of Hermione on the year 117.

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