15 Interesting Facts about Ephesus

Ephesus tours are among the most fun tours you can have. Ephesus was the second biggest city of the Roman Empire was one of the most popular cities in the ancient world. Many astonishing buildings were built in Ephesus and many famous people of ancient times visited Ephesus. I tried to compile 15 Interesting Facts about Ephesus in this article. I hope you will enjoy the list.

  1. Public latrines (toilets) in Ephesus were ranged side by side and they had no separator between them.
  2. We understand that ancient Romans knew the world is round by seeing the round footrest under the Emperor Trajan’s statue.
  3. Hipponax the famous Roman poet was born in Ephesus.
  4. Heraclitus was the famous Greek philosopher who said ‘’You cannot step into the same river twice’’ was born in Ephesus.
  5. The very first Church which was dedicated to Virgin Mary is in Ephesus ancient city.
  6. The famous Roman Law writer Hermodorus was from Ephesus.
  7. Ephesus is an official place of pilgrimage since 1892. So far Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Paul VI, and Pope John Paul II visited Ephesus and held sermons.
  8. Today Ephesus is located about five kilometers inland but Ephesus was originally built as a seaport city.

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  1. Ephesus was visited both by Apostle Paul and Saint John the Evangelist, making Ephesus an important center of early Christianity.
  2. Temple of Artemis which is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world is in Ephesus.
  3. One of the greatest ancient theaters of the Roman world with a capacity of 24.000 people is in Ephesus.
  4. A single piece of mosaic in front of Terrace Houses of Ephesus took averagely six years to be completed.
  5. Church of Ephesus is one of the Seven Churches of Revelation mentioned in the Holy Bible.
  6. One of the oldest advertisements in antiquity pointing brothel of Ephesus still can be seen in Ephesus.
  7. Ephesus was once the capital of Asia Minor state of the Roman Empire.

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