Oneirocritica by Artemidorus Ephesius

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Oneirocritica by Artemidorus Ephesius was a book about interpretation of dreams written by Artemidorus of Ephesus in the second century AD. There are five volumes of Oneirocritica.

Oneirocritica by Artemidorus Ephesius
Oneirocritica by Artemidorus Ephesius
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3 of these 5 volumes were written for public and could be accessed by everyone. But the remaining 2 volumes were privately written for the son of Artemidorus who was being trained by his father to become a fortuneteller too.

Book number one tells us about human body parts’ meanings in dreams. There are even details about which meaning can be understood from the size of a person’s head. The second volume is about the natural world and the objects. The third book is about anything which is not mentioned in the earlier volumes.

The fourth volume and the fifth volume are for his son’s training. First one tells his son which private questions to ask about his or her personal life to the person coming to him for dream interpretation. The second volume for his son has 95 dreams which were interpreted by Oneirocritica earlier.

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