7 Best Places to Eat Ice Cream in Turkey

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Turkey is a destination which can be visited all year round but it might be more popular especially during summertime. Ice cream is a very popular dessert in Turkey and there are many flavors to explore in Turkey. I created this list of ”7 Best Places to Eat Ice Cream in Turkey” for you, I hope you will try all of them 😀

7 Best Places to Eat Ice Cream in Turkey
7 Best Places to Eat Ice Cream in Turkey

Mini Dondurma in Bebek \ Istanbul

They have been making delicious additive-free ice cream for years in a tiny shop like its name. Do you want rose-Turkish delight or honey-almond chestnut? We are talking about a flavor that creates long queues in front of it on summer evenings with more than 17 varieties. Yummy!

Dondurmino in Alaçatı \ Izmir (Smyrna)

Having branches in both Alaçatı and Karaköy, Dondurmino makes ice cream lovers very happy. Pomegranate, peach, and hazelnut cream ice creams are among the must-try ones.

Turkish Ice cream in Pistachio Baklava

Bitez Dondurma in Bitez \ Bodrum

Bitez Dondurma, which is the most famous ice cream shop in Bodrum, has opened branches all around Turkey. However, if you want to try it in its original place, you can visit the main restaurant in Bodrum Bitez. You can also try delicious desserts and refreshing natural drinks which are all made out of natural fruits.

Rumeli Patisserie in Çeşme \ Izmir (Smyrna)

Located in the Çeşme district of İzmir, Rumeli Patisserie was founded by a family of Turkish immigrants from Thessaloniki. Turkey’s first mastic ice cream is produced in this patisserie, which has been producing ice cream since 1945. Apart from the gummy ice cream, which is consumed by locals as much as tourists, other local desserts are also very popular.

Turkish Ice Cream Vendor

Cicek Patisserie in Bozcada \ Canakkale

Located in Bozcaada, Çiçek Patisserie has a taste that cracks the palate. It makes its difference with mastic, wild fig, and lavender ice creams.

Ali Usta in Moda \ Istanbul

Serving since 1969, Ali Usta became one of the symbols of the Moda district of Istanbul over time. It is possible to find at least 30 different kinds of ice cream in Ali Usta ice cream restaurant, which produces its ice cream daily using real fruits. Moreover, there are diet options among the varieties. In the summer months, you may have to wait in a long line to eat ice cream at the Ali Usta and it is open until 02:00.

Nur Patisserie in Korkuteli \ Antalya

Nur Patisserie is the most famous place to try ”Smoked Ice Cream”, which is unique to Antalya Korkuteli. It has a burnt taste which is made from goat’s milk. Milk is slowly burned during the boiling phase. You can eat melon ice cream to experience an extraordinary ice cream experience at Nur Patisserie, which has branches in the center of Antalya and in almost all its districts.

Different Types of Turkish Ice Cream

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